This hike is unique in the region and suitable to even the experienced hiker. The Trek begins at one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala and ends in the relaxing mystic place of the Hot Springs, Fuentes Georginas. We travel by way of the Guatemalan highlands. The route we taken is an old path with much history. The extensive use of the trail is still evident today, especially on Sunday, when people walk from villages such as Nahualá to the market of Cantel in Quetzaltenango. Since the walk is very difficult due to the steepness of the region, the last day includes an option to go directly to Fuentes Georginas by way of Xela. Instead of walking 8 hours on the last day, you would walk a maximum of 2 hours and stay one night (with choice of location) in the Fuentes Georginas, prior booking not included in the price. This trek allows us to enjoy the company and the culture of people living in the heart of our country, sleeping on the floor, at the home of indigenous families. Spanning across different mountain landscapes beginning at an altitude of 1560 meters, in Lake Atitlan, and reaching maximum altitude on day 3, very near the summit of the volcano Zunil. This trek is certainly not easy, walking an average of 8 hours each day but for those up for the challenge, Adventure is guaranteed. Also, if anyone wants to leave the trek for any reason, there are evacuation routes.