San Pedro la Laguna

Today I traveled across the lake to San Pedro with two of my Santa Cruz neighbors, Clemens and Jenny. Apparently, Jaibalito has been receiving a lot of attention and financial assistance in the days since Agatha, whereas other pueblos are being more or less overlooked. 
Clemens, a doctor from Germany who now lives in Santa Cruz, has spent the past week traveling from town to town in order to understand the damage and to assess the people's needs. 
This was his third visit to San Pedro la Laguna, where an entire barrio of about thirty homes was washed away, and one ten year old girl disappeared. 
With more than a thousand dollars in Uma and Tobey's relief fund, I decided to join Clemens and Jenny in order to see for myself whether this money might be well-spent somewhere other than or in addition to Jaibalito.
Don Francisco (traditional bone doctor) pulls Dr. Clemens Luhmann's boat up to the dock in San Pedro. He will be our guide for the day, as we visit several families who suffered great losses during tropical storm Agatha.
Shrine with photos of Juana, the ten year-old San Pedro girl who was swept away in a mudslide. Nine days later, her body has still not been recovered.
Juana's father, José. Her mother, Manuela was in Solola seeking medical attention for a badly injured arm.
Dr. Clemens talks with Delfina, a widowed mother of two who lost her home and all of her possessions in the storm. Delfina was trying to flee with Juana, her niece, when the girl was swept away from her. 
Delfina with Don Francisco in the home where Delfina is recuperating. 
Domingo, an unmarried painter, lost his home, his land, and all of his personal and professional belongings to Agatha.
Domingo's mother weeps, as she thanks Clemens for the assistance he is giving to her son and other San Pedro storm victims.
Clemens' notes and accounting taken during the day's visits in San Pedro. At each home, he gathered the victims' names and ages and those of their family members and inquired about their most immediate needs. Most were given cash to be used for clothing and medicine. Once this first phase of storm relief is accomplished, Clemens indicated that he, using his own resources and donations made by friends and acquaintances, would like to help its victims rebuild their homes and return to work.
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    Estoy feliz, que nuestro lago y nuestros pueblos estan recibiendo ayuda, tal como lo merece. Vamos mi gente todos podemos superar todo los danos causado por la tormenta. Querido pueblo San Pedro te extrano mucho y siempre te llevo en mi corazon.

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